Jekoria Mory Kante: guitarist

Shai Bachar
piano and keyboard

Shai was born in Jerusalem in 1971 and began playing music at the age of five. Growing up in a multi-cultural environment exposed him to a wide variety of influences such as Middle Eastern traditional music, Classical music and Jazz. His rare ability to absorb these influences and mold them into his own unique voice won him world wide recognition and led to collaborations with such notable artists as Sheila Jordan, Bob Moses, Oliver Lake, and Bill Dixon from the USA; Othello Molineaux from Trinidad; Sekouba Bambino and Ibrahim Sumano from Guinea, West Africa.

As a member of the Tarshish Ensemble, an American-Israeli project led by the esteemed American saxophonist and composer Steve Horenstein, he has toured the USA and Europe. The ensemble has recorded a CD and performed in the International Festival of the Arts in NYC and twice the Red Sea Festival.

In 1996, Shai joined Meira Asher for a European tour, playing music from her acclaimed recording Spears Into Hooks for Crammed Records. The following year he began to collaborate with bassist and producer Yosi Fine on his latest project: The Exentrics, which led to performances in Makor Theatre in New York City and venues in Israel.

Shai has been living and playing in New York City since 1998 where he is an active and highly appreciated musician. For the past years he has been performing extensively nationwide with Orlando Marlin's Afro-Cuban Latin-Jazz group, and touring with world renowned guitarist Yosi Piamenta's Oriental Sephardic Jewish Music group, in Europe, South America and the Far-East. Currently, Shai's main works are influenced by the rich traditions of world music and contemporary sounds.


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