NY Times Weekend listings (August 3, 2007)

AFROFEST 2007 Line up

...Very well played, lively, polished, and lots of fun. You can play any track. "Zookeeper Online

"... inside this jewel box is a little treasure."

Chris Heim, Global Rhythm

Afropop ranks Source with top African Jazz

"Depending on the weekend, you might find Source with Abdoulaye Diabaté..."
Seth Kugel New York Times

"...this is a splendid group whose sound and spirit capture a unique moment of
African emergence and synthesis in New York City"
Banning Eyre

"...this is a crackling good CD by a band I'd go see any night of the week."
Tom Orr

"Le Bacchus Room, un club du quartier East Village, n'était pas assez grand jeudi soir pour accueillir tous les musiciens, fans, amis et parents venus voir et entendre le groupe Source, fondé par le flûtiste et saxophoniste québécois Sylvain Leroux, qui lançait un nouveau CD intitulé Tonight's African Jazz Band."
Richard Hétu

Global Rhythm On Disc (pdf)


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