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Bailo Bah

Bailo was born in Guinea in 1947 from a Vietnamese mother and a Peul (Fulani) father. They had met in Indochina where his father served in the French Army during World War II.

Bailo learned to play the tambin from his grandfather in the village. One day the grandfather called everybody and declared that he was tired, wasn't going to play anymore and that his grandson was his successor. A ceremony ensued and Bailo played all night until sunrise.

At age 15, having lost all his relatives, mother, father and grandfather, he left his village on foot with one flute in his hand to try his luck in Dakar. The trip then started lasted many years and took him through much of West-Africa: Senegal, Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Guinea, Sierra Leone, all the way to the Ivory Coast where he became a great flutist in Abidjan, the capital of (French) West African music.

Bailo participated in countless festivals, recordings, and tours around the world. He toured the World as a soloist for the Ballets Koteba more than twenty years. Frederick Kaimann from the Star Ledger describes his abilities: "... he sang while playing the flute, sometimes barking out his lines or whispering a tune as he marched forward with a related melody on his three-holed wooden instrument. His range was remarkable, from raspy drive to sweet and light."

In 1988 in Vancouver's International Exhibition, he participated in the "World Drum" event with the Compagnons d'Akati, dance company.

He is the star of the Fula Flute CD -- and of the ensemble of the same name -- released in 2002 on Blue Monster Records (BM-001).


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