Fula Flute
Bailo Bah
Blue Monster Records

The Fulani flute or tambin is unique to West Africa and FULA FLUTE is a unique focus on the sounds of the tambin. Picture a deep-toned, haunting flute enhanced further by the player's actual vocal injections from breaths and you have a rich sound indeed. FULA FLUTE is not for the casual listener, nor for the classical flute enthusiast: what sets this instrument apart is the ability of a master player such as Bailo Bah to inject wailing vocals into the flute sound itself. Further, West African fans will note the repretoire represented here is not Fulani: Bah comes from the Fouta Jallon Mountains where this particular flute reigns, learned to play from family traditions, and blends the traditional music of the Manden with the Fulani overtones. A unique sound evolves to delight the specialty listener of West African or tambin music.



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