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Fula Flute
Mansa America
Mulatta/Completely Nuts

Wonderful music from Guinea featuring tambin (African flute), vocals, balafon, kora, percussion, and more. The album is dedicated to (and the first song is about) Barack Obama. Joyous, swaying, warm and so good.

*1. Midtempo tribute to Obama. Relaxed, joyous, really catchy. Yay!
*2. Upbeat with soaring vocals, sweet flute, cool use of balafon/kora.
3. Sweet flute solo into a midtempo, sweet, flowing tune.
4. Strings give way to lightly swaying, almost dreamy reflection.
*5. Brass & electric bass add a cool, jazzy touch. Midtempo, way cool.
6. Midtempo w/a relaxed bounce from the percussion. Nice & relaxed.
7. Mid/upbeat w/nicely powerful vocals and good energy.
*8. Relaxed, cool use of percussive strings, an interesting journey.
*9. A touch of jazz, driving midtempo w/cool vocals.
10. Percussion, mid/upbeat lyrical flute, meandering.
*11. Bright, midtempo head-nodder with cool layers. Like raindrops.
12. Trilling flutes at counterpoint, bass, then screaming vocals.




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