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Desert Blues III
High profile African music compilation featuring Fula Flute.
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Recordings featuring the tambin:

Released in April 2005, this breakthrough CD by master percussionist Michael Spiro and professor Michael Williams merges cultures represented by the Bata and Mbira traditions (Cuba and Zimbabwe). Features Fula Flute's Sylvain Leroux in a novel application of the tambin

Mandeng Eletrik
Eleven piece Pan-African Ensemble in live and digital collaborations with the best of NY City improvisers and electronic dance producers, creating a modern-traditional Mandeng dance and lounge music fit for the clubs and cafes of today's globalized metropolis. Featuring Fula Flute's own Bailo Bah and Famoro Dioubate

Mory Kante "Sabou"
GRAMMY WINNER 2004. Features Babagale Kante on the tambin

African Jazz featuring Aly Wague on Fula flute and a host of great stars on this timeless classic -- Unfortunately discontinued by the label

Les Nyamakalas du Fouta Djallon
A few excellent tracks of local traditional flute playing -- widely available

Momo Wandel Soumah "Matchowe"
Featuring the great Mamady Mansare, the father. Widely available

Momo Wandel Soumah (Rest in Peace) "Afro Swing"
Fonti Musicali label. Featuring Mamady Mansaré (the son). Outstanding music.

Takadja "Diye"
Featuring our own Sylvain Leroux on the Fula flute -- availability in doubt

Louis Cesar Ewande "Cano"
Unavailable... too bad, that's a fantastic record featuring Aly Wague

Senegalese group featuring the excellent American tambin player Thomas Vahle --Available


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