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Dear Friends,

Thanks to your help, we have come a long way from our humble beginnings in a public hangar to our now secure house and courtyard which is every day humming with activity. 

This past year, to our wonderful faculty we have added Mr. Babagalé Barry, to teach Fulani-style flute, and classically-trained Burkina pianist Mr. Seydou Tanly, who teaches music theory and ear training.

Several new pupils have joined our student body and we have given some of our advanced students the job of teaching them the basics of the flute and percussion. 

Our program is generating a lot of interest and our great teacher, Master Mamady Mansare, himself a living legend of the Malinke flute of World renown, is proud of the students and has been congratulating us for this initiative which is reinvigorating the flute tradition in Guinea.

Recently Voice of America did a story about us, the national Ballet Africains have expressed an interest in recruiting some of our students, and we are frequently sollicited by the media, local and international.

This coming year, our objectives are to solidify our gains, recruit more new students, and, if possibilities are there, to bring student teachers from abroad.

Please help us maintain and augment our efforts towards the education and betterment of Guinean children and generously donate to this project.

Your contribution goes a long way and, please keep in mind that, beyond providing for the kids’ education, you are also giving our faculty and staff a living... and remember:

We are the plant
Guinea is the soil
and you are the water!!!

Let us continue to come together and see how beautiful this story can be.

Blessings to all of you and your loved ones.
Sylvain Leroux

teachers at ecole fula flute

Our faculty (in the order above):
Mohamed Momo Sylla: Director, theater, choreography (9 years)
Veronique Lamah: Coordinator, theater, storytelling (9 years)
Mahamadou M’Mah Camara: Literacy, arithmetic, science, history and art (7 years)
Mamady Mansaré: Malinké flute (4 years)
Babagalé Barry: Fulani flute (new)
Bouba Mbeng: Percussion, ngoni, voice and song (4 years)
Diamady Kouyaté: Kora (one year)
Seydou Tanly: Music theory and ear training (new)
Roger Tolno: Supervisor, body expression and dance (one year)
Mamady Camara: French boxing (one year)
Naby Camara: Student teacher (two years) 
Abdoulaye Camara: Student teacher (two years)
Sylvain Leroux: Chromatic flute, music theory, composition and improvisation (5 years)  

Our staff: Bakoutoubou Doukouré: photo, vidéo (5 years)
Aminata Bangoura: cleaning (2 years)
Fatoumata Diallo: cook (3 years)
Ibrahima Sory Sylla: Maintenance (2 years)

If you prefer, you may send a paper check. Please make it to the name of the Creative Music Foundation and make sure to specify "Ecole Fula Flute" on the memo line.

This project is supported by the Creative Music Foundation.
CMF will deduct 10% for administrative fees.

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